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Item # item-1067, Gauge 3 Precision Pressure and Temperature Sensing

Precision and Toughness for Field Testing

The new Vaetrix® Gauge 3® Pressure indicator from Taylor Valve Technology, Inc. is the industry's first portable precision electronic pressure and temperature gauge specifically designed for superior performance under tough field service conditions. From its reliable microprocessor-based technology, to its rugged, lightweight case, the easy-to-handle Gauge 3 sets a new standard for performance Pressure accuracy of 0.05% and highly-accurate measurement of temperature conditions in the field are a plus.

Thanks to the Gauge 3's straightforward design and commonsense display, even operators with little or no field operating experience achieve remarkable results the first time out. In fact, this pressure indicator is so well designed, it actually helps build operator confidence and ensure reliable testing results by eliminating the sources of many common operator errors. As a result, even first-time users can acquire and log sophisticated readings such as static and barometric pressure data with extreme accuracy.

Powered by two standard 9 volt batteries, the Gauge 3 is designed to deliver up to 250 hours of continuous, uninterrupted service Thanks to its unique combination of low power consumption and high memory capacity in excess of 1600 data points, the Gauge 3 is ideal for long-duration testing and logging of pressure and temperature conditions in field applications.

Optional test and performance package (TAPP®) software developed exclusively for use with the Gauge 3 extends the instrument's capabilities to enable flexible, menu-driven operations including:
  • Data retrieval and storage on disk in ASCII or encrypted formats,
  • Data printouts and hardcopy plots,
  • Data viewing via advance reporting.
Field-Proven Performance Features

Designed especially to deliver superior performance under tough working conditions, the Gauge 3 combines reliable microprocessor-based technology with rugged design to bring portable, precision electronic pressure and temperature measurement performance to field testing. This means Gauge 3 operators can count on benefiting from features including:
  • Highly-accurate pressure measurement
  • Non-volatile test data memory
  • High-resolution platinum RTD sensor
  • Multi-test data storage capability
  • Standard ASCII data storage format
    (operations encrypted download}
The Gauge 3 interface provides selectable options during field operations conducted without the benefit of a computer. The operator can also custom-program data intervals from 1 second to 15 minutes, using up to 8 different time intervals and sampling rates for each test. (Operator can alter all sampling parameters at the time of testing)

Designed to perform two standard processes, the Gauge 3 gives the operator the ability to select

Gauge Mode- to provide accurate, real-time pressure/temperature readings
Log Made
- to activate the Gauge3's data-acquisition capabilities.

Innovative Hardware & Software

The state-of-the-art electronics and software inside the Gauge 3 are every bit as advanced as the lightweight and functional package they are housed within. For example, its built-in calibration and diagnostic programs make the Gauge 3 the most reliable instrument of its type in service today.

The Gauge 3's high-resolution (0.01ºF.); adjustable platinum RTD temperature probe is designed for mounting at the test site in any standard 2 to 12 inch deep thermowell.

Documentation and software updates for operation and maintenance are available 24- hours-a-day via the Internet. Internet service is also available for return for recalibration, certification and repair of the instrument to maintain NIST certification and traceability.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

Accuracies  · Temperatures  · Specifications


Combined Accuracies

0.05 IR (Combined error for temp.; linearity & hysteresis.)

Mercury Barometric Accuracies

±0.05 in

RTD Accuracies

± one unit of measure

Indicated Readings Compared to Standard Accuracies

0.10% I.R. after the first 5% of F/S
0.5% I.R. after the first 20% of F/S


Compensated Standard Temperature

0 - 50 ºC
32 - 122

Compensated Optional Temperature

-10 - 50 ºC
-14 - 122

Storage Temperature

-20 - 60 ºC
-20 - 140

Reference Temperature

22 ± 1 ºC
72 ± 2



Calibration to warm-up is 1 minute, after which instrument is fully functional and readings are completely accurate.


Alphanumeric LCD 0.37 inch line readout Two line readout 16 characters per line

Update Intervals (Temperature)

1 min

Update Intervals (Barometric)

6 min

Power Supply

250 hour maximum service life
Two standard 9 volt batteries

Serial Interface


Overpressure Error

Displayed at 150% of full scale. (instruments displaying overpressure error require return to factory to clear mode and verify gauge accuracy.)

Low Scale Warning

Display flashes on/off from 0 - 20% of full scale (Readings below 20% of full scale will be outside of the instruments recommended accuracy range.)

Data Logging

Storage for more than 1600 data points Data intervals from 1 second to 15 minutes Memory full display flag.

Maximum Readings

Instrument stores maximum pressure (Maximum pressure is not a peak hold function.)

Auto Shut-Off

Manual engage/disengage (with Auto-Shut-Off engaged, instrument automatically will turn off 15 minutes after last operator input activity.)

Calibration Standards

±0.0125% of reading or better secondary standards traceable to NIST

Overpressure Capability

0 - 2 PSI and below 1.5 x range
3 - 5000 PSI and 1.5 x range

7500 PSI and 1.5 x range


Ranges 0/2 PSI and below - ±0.03% of span
Ranges 0/5 PSI and above - ±0.01% of span (typical)


0.002% of span with dampening 1 part in 50000

Standard Isolated Sensors

For use with any media compatible with 316 stainless steel

Optional Isolated Sensors

For use with any media compatible with lnconel


·  Battery Supply

·  Pressure indicator


An Optional, rugged carrying case projects instrument and accessories.
Rugged Carrying Case for Vaetrix Gauges and Accessories

Optional adjustable probe and cable extend Gauge 3's capability
Adjustable Probe and Cable for Vaetrix Gauge 3

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