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Item # item-1066, Gauge 2 Precision Electronic Deadweight Tester

A deadweight tester is specified as accurate to a tenth of a percent contingent on the tester being properly levelled and hooked into the system and providing that:
  • The pressure is in the upper 90% of its range
  • The weights are clean and unscarred
  • The operator is experienced, and that
  • The climate is such that he is willing to take all the time necessary to get an accurate reading using as few weights as possible.
When Vaetrix specifies the Gauge accuracy to be better than 0.1% we guarantee that the total error (allowing for temperature shift) for any reading in the device's range shall not exceed 0.1% of full scale regardless. The Gauge has proven itself in harsh environments under rugged handling as an accurate and dependable field survey gauge.

The Gauge is designed to be used as:
  • A master calibration standard for the instrument department.
  • A travelling pressure standard for field inspectors or technicians.
  • A precision test device for use in industrial and research applications.
  • A precision pressure instrument for testing, setting, calibrating or repairing pressure measurement devices.

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both

Physical/Environmental Characteristics  · Specifications  · Traceability  · Options  · Convenience

Physical/Environmental Characteristics


7.3 lb

Operating Temperature Range

0 to 49 ºC

Storage Temperature Range (Limited Operating)

-40 - 80 ºC

Proof Pressure

150 %FS

Burst Pressure

200 %FS

Standard Wetted Materials



Power Supply

9 volt DC battery (UL specification requires the use of DuraCell Model #MN1604.)


Accuracy (Min.)

±0.1 of reading

Zero Adjustment (Min.)

±1.0 %FS

Battery Life (New) (Typ)


Accuracy (Typ)

±1 count

Total Worst Error at 25ºC (Typ)

±0.079 %FS

Display Update Rate (Typ)

0.30 second

Time to Stable Reading (Typ)

10 second

Thermal Zero Shift (Typ)

±0.014 %FS/ºC

Thermal Span Shift (Typ)

±0.002 %IP/ºC

Low Battery Indicator (Typ)


Total Worst Error at 25ºC (Max.)

±0.095 %FS

Display Update Rate (Max.)

0.33 second

Time to Stable Reading (Max.)

20 second

Thermal Zero Shift (Max.)

±0.03 %FS/ºC

Thermal Span Shift (Max.)

±0.005 %IP/ºC

Zero Adjustment (Max.)

±5.0 %FS

Low Battery Indicator (Max.)


The Gauge is a serialized product with all components traceable to their origins. Historical records are maintained on each Gauge including repairs, modifications, and each release of the detailed Test Report which accompanies each Gauge. This allows us detailed understanding of actual performance well beyond the theoretical model and is reflected in the Typical specifications shown.

Pressure Fitting Slip-on-Probe
Allows reading of pressure in a closed system up to 5000 PSI

Lock-on Probe
Allows reading of pressure in a closed system up to 10000 PSI

1/4 MNPT Connector
1/4" male pipe thread allows the operator to install any type of quick-connect or pressure fitting as required.

Standard Carrying Case, ABS Plastic with foam insert & Lifetime Warranty
  • Width: 15 1/4"
  • Length: 18 1/2"
  • Depth: 6 7/8"

  • Convenience
    1. Gently stack weights until 5. Add absolute pressure cor-
    piston reaches equilibrium rection factor.
    against pressure.  
    6. Close ball valve and remove
    2. Add up pressure equivalents pressure fitting.
    of the weights to get  
    gauge pressure. 7. Store weights and take down tester assembly.
    3. Carefully open ball valve. 8. Level tester precisely.
    4. Attach hose to test port.  
    1. Turn Power ON. 3. Read Pressure to 0.1% with full temperature compensation.
    2. Apply Pressure.  
    4. Turn Power OFF.
    Note: For test to be valid , mass weights and piston must be certified and tested annually.
    Any alteration in the surface of the mass weight will cause error in reading and accuracy.


    ·  Parts & Construction


    Part List
    (PDF, 150KB)

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