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Magnetic Vacuum Breaker

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"New Generation" DOT 407 Magnetic Vacuum Breaker Function
The DOT 407 Magnetic Vacuum Breaker is a valve designed to limit negative pressure (vacuum) in a typical tank trailer.
A permanent magnetic force controls the movement of the valve poppet to open on demand of 4” Hg or greater. All working parts are kept away from the airflow paths, which promotes easy cleaning and hassle-free repairs. The valve body is cast with a 1" female port inlet to accept a variety of air inlet fittings. A 1/4" female port is standard to accept a gauge. The unit is equipped with either : a "Tef-O-Sil", Viton, or a Kalrez® O-Ring seal.
Viton, Teflon and Kalrez are standard. Special Elastomers are available upon request.

Magnetic Vacuum Breaker (Retro Model) Function
The 3X407MVB-RT Magnetic Vacuum Breaker is specially intended for "retrofitting" older tanks using the older 3MVB design that are permanently welded to the tank trailers dome cover.

Fitting the tank trailer with this design requires little effort. The inlet connection is specially machined to fit to the lower housing of the 3MVB (part # 201007-1). Simply thread the Vacuum Breaker onto the existing lower housing and you will have completed the installation.

The new design is low enough to fit under the overturn protection of most trailers.

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3X407MVBT-T 3" NPT Thread Teflon® 4030123T
3X407MVBT-K 3" NPT Thread Kalrez® 4030123T
3X407MVBT-V 3" NPT Thread Viton® 4030123T
3X407MVBF-T 3" TTMA Flange Teflon® 4030123F
3X407MVBF-K 3" TTMA Flange Kalrez® 4030123F
3X407MVBF-V 3" TTMA Flange Viton® 4030123F
407MVBLM-T Mitred Cut Teflon® 403012M
407MVBLM-K Mitred Cut Kalrez® 403012M
407MVBLM-V Mitred Cut Viton® 403012M
407MVBLS-T Straight Stub Teflon® 403012S
407MVBLS-K Straight Stub Kalrez® 403012S
407MVBLS-V Straight Stub Viton® 403012S
407MVBLS-T-4 4" NPT Thread Teflon® 403012S
407MVBLS-K-4 4" NPT Thread Kalrez® 403012S
407MVBLS-V-4 4" NPT Thread Viton® 403012S
407MVBLF-T 4" TTMA Flange Teflon® 403012F
407MVBLF-K 4" TTMA Flange Kalrez® 403012F
407MVBLF-V 4" TTMA Flange Viton® 403012F
3X407MVBTX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
407MVBLTX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
407MVBLFX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
3X407MVBFX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
407MVBLSX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
407MVBLMX Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
GE-DOT3X407-MVB-UT "New Generation" DOT 407 Magnetic Vacuum Breaker Magnetic Vacuum Breaker N/A
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