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TuFliner™ VENT (DOT 3X407 AFTL)

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Girard Equipment, Inc.'s Teflon® lined Pressure Relief Valve is designed to protect against aggressive ladings that normally would chemically attack stainless steel.

All wetted surfaces are lined with a 1/8" thick Teflon® liner. The valve seat seals on a Teflon® encapsulated silicone "O" Ring. This "O" Ring provides complete chemical resistance and a bubble-tight seal. The vent is designed to be easily removed from the tank for inspection and or cleaning.

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Flange Size

GE-DOT 3X407-AFTL TuFliner™ VENT (DOT 3X407 AFTL) 3" ANSI Flange
GE-DOT407-LAFTL TuFliner™ VENT (DOT 407 LAFTL) 4" ANSI Flange
GE-PV-300-2AFTL TuFliner™ VENT (PV-300-2AFTL) 2" ANSI Flange
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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